For the Glory of God
and the Good of our Neighbors

Pastor Scott and Rhonda Archer

Welcome to Central Congregational Church (Worship with us on Sundays@10am)

CCC is a historic, traditional church that is on a journey toward truly diverse, inter-generational fellowship, worship and service in the name of Jesus for the Glory of God and the Good of our Neighbors near and far. We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. We have programs for the whole family, and our worship service is a blend of both traditional and contemporary elements. Click here for information about our Pastor, Scott Archer, and his wife, Rhonda.

Pastor's Blog

In June of 2007, after many years of starts and stops, I finally completed the requirements for my master’s program and received my degree. My master’s thesis was a directed reading focusing on the works of Lesslie Newbigin, a highly influential missionary, pastor and world church leader in the middle to late 20th century.

The other day, my daughter, Karisa, and I happened to be driving north on the five freeway through Camp Pendleton just as the sun was setting. Now I grew up near the beach in Ventura, California, I’ve lived in San Diego for 23 years, and I’ve been to Hawaii a couple of times - I’ve seen my fair share of gorgeous sunsets. That said, I have never seen a sunset as big and beautiful as the one Karisa and I saw that day. The sky was fairly clear, and due to the position of the earth to the sun, and the bit of haze in the air, the sun shone as a gigantic, shimmering ball of stunning orange and yellow descending into the Pacific Ocean like some kind of god out of Greek mythology. It’s no wonder people throughout the ages have been drawn to worship the Sun - it is beautiful, majestic and glorious.

As a young man growing up in Ventura, California, I spent my summers with my friends scouring the coastline between Ventura and north toward Santa Barbara looking for the perfect wave. Unlike my brother, Mark, I never became a very good surfer. But to this day, I still love the ocean, and on occasion I will paddle out in search of the perfect wave and a long ride. Unfortunately, especially these days, I spend most of my time under my board and under water.